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Installation for macOS

Make sure you’ve already read the Getting Started page.

Jamulus 3.9.1 resolve un problema associado aos controladores MIDI que poderia resultar em perda dos níveis prévios dos faders: Se você utilizava `--ctrlmidich`, pode iniciar o aplicativo uma vez com `--cleanuplegacyfadersettings` para tentar converter o formato antigo para o novo formato. Esta opção será removida em uma versão futura. Leia o Change Log para mais informações.

Upgrading? You may want to back up your configuration first.

  1. Download Jamulus (Universal build)
    macOS Mojave (10.14) or lower:Download legacy version
    Mirror 2:SourceForge
  2. Install Jamulus: Open the downloaded .dmg file, agree to the licence, drag and drop each icon you see in the window (Jamulus Client and Server) into your Applications folder. After that, you can close this window.
  3. Run Jamulus. Now you should be able to use Jamulus just like any other application.

You can remove the folder in the Downloads directory containing the .dmg and eject the “Jamulus” drive on your desktop. They are no longer needed.

“Jamulus” can’t be opened because the developer cannot be verified

If you are using the “legacy” version of Jamulus (because you are running an older version of macOS), the first time you run Jamulus, you will see a message saying it cannot be opened.

To open Jamulus

  1. Go to the Applications folder via Finder
  2. Double-click on Jamulus and wait for the above-mentioned message
  3. Close this message by clicking on “Cancel”
  4. Now control-click (or right-click) on Jamulus, and select “Open” from the top of the menu.

You will then get a slightly different version of the same message, which allows you to click “Open”. From the on, you can run Jamulus in the normal way and the message won’t appear. For further information about this warning see this Apple Support Page.

All installed?

Take a look at the

Getting Started page