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Audio bandwidth

The audio settings have an impact on the required network bandwidth. The table below summarises network requirements with respect to the configuration of:

  • Channels : stereo/mono
  • Quality : high/medium/low
  • Audio buffer duration : 2.67 ms, 5.33 ms, 10.67 ms, 21.33 ms

With the following units

  • ms : milliseconds
  • Kbit/s : Kilo-bits per second (Reminder : 1 Mbit/s = 1024 Kbit/s, 1 KByte/s = 8 Kbit/s)
  • Mbit/s : Mega-bits per second
ChannelsQualityBandwidth (for buffer : 2.67 ms)Bandwidth (for buffer : 5.33 ms)Bandwidth (for buffer : 10.67 ms)Bandwidth (for buffer : 21.33 ms)
StereoHigh894 Kbit/s657 Kbit/s541 Kbit/s483 Kbit/s
StereoMedium672 Kbit/s444 Kbit/s328 Kbit/s270 Kbit/s
StereoLow606 Kbit/s372 Kbit/s256 Kbit/s198 Kbit/s
MonoHigh672 Kbit/s444 Kbit/s328 Kbit/s270 Kbit/s 8
MonoMedium594 Kbit/s366 Kbit/s250 Kbit/s192 Kbit/s
MonoLow534 Kbit/s306 Kbit/s190 Kbit/s132 Kbit/s

Network bandwidth

There is one upstream (musician sending to the Server) and one downstream (server sending back the mix to the musician)

A diagram of Jamulus network bandwidths from different audio qualities ranging from low to high
Calculate bandwidth use

Note also that mean ADSL2 transfer rate is 10 Mbit/s for downstream and 1 Mbit/s for upstream. The actual performance depends on distance to the provider, which may theoretically range from 24 Mbit/s at 0.3 km to 1.5 Mbit/s at 5.2 km for download rate.