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O que é Jamulus?

Jamulus lets you play, rehearse, or jam with your friends, your band, or anyone you find online. Play together remotely in time with high quality, low-latency sound on a normal broadband connection. Baixe aqui!
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Jamulus no mundo

All over the world Jamulus allows choirs to rehearse and rock bands to play. Jamulus brings folk and classical musicians together. It's being used for remote music lessons, in schools and universities, in private and in public — all in real time on the Internet, as if you were there in person.

Precisa de ajuda?

Check out the documentação and consider the problemas e soluções! Você também pode postar a sua pergunta nos fórums.

Quer contribuir?

Ideas? Found a bug? Want to contribute some code or help translating Jamulus into your language? Since Jamulus is um software livre e de código aberto (FOSS) licenciado sob a GPL, você pode nos ajudar!
Leia as diretrizes de contribuição para saber como. Todos são bem-vindos!

For detailed information on how Jamulus works, see esse paper de Volker Fischer (PDF).