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Installation for Android

Make sure you’ve already read the Getting Started page.

Things to note about Android

Although you can install Jamulus on Android devices (and hear sound), we strongly recommend not doing so. Sound quality - especially over WiFi - is usually bad and latency is high. If you have don’t own a PC, we suggest you to buy a Raspberry Pi which is an inexpensive and small device that performs very well with Jamulus. Android support is just a proof of concept.

Install the Android PoC

If you do want to try Jamulus on Android:

  1. Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources (look in Settings>Security. Note: The exact way to do this depends on your device and OS-version)
  2. Download and install Jamulus
  3. You should now be able to run Jamulus on your Android device

Feedback and development

We are very happy to get feedback from Android users and developers. Just head over to the Jamulus GitHub repo.

All installed?

Jamulus has been installed and can be used now. You can now take a look at the

Getting Started page