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Alternative, not-officially supported install methods


This guide page lists alternative install methods for Jamulus. Feel free to add another method here and link it or edit and improve the page in other ways. Please note: These links are not officially supported and might be outdated.

General notes

Jamulus (mostly the GUI-Client, not the headless server) is included in the main repositories of bigger distributions. You can have a look at the forum post by corrados and view Repology to check if Jamulus is in your distro’s repo. Your repo might have an outdated version of Jamulus.


  • Jamulus is on WinGet. You can install the Client via winget install jamulus.




There is a request to include Jamulus for Android in F-Droid. However, compiling Qt is a bigger task, which is why it is probably not yet available.


Since distributing on iOS is difficult, there is no known distribution available. It might be possible to put the app on TestFlight.


grundic created a Docker image which might or might not be outdated.

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