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ASIO4ALL Configuration Example Screenshots

de Noam Postavsky ()

This page is a collection showing working example ASIO4ALL configurations.

Realtek High Definition Audio

Note that the “Stereo input” is really a virtual microphone that corresponds to the sound being played into the speakers/headphones, it must be turned off in ASIO4ALL.

ASIO4ALL configured for Realtek HD

Realtek High Definition Audio with SPDIF subdevices

Similar to the previous, but there are more subdevices (corresponding to different types of physical audio jacks).

ASIO4ALL configured for Realtek HD with 5 subdevices

Intel SST with Realtek(R) Audio

The Realtek device again has a “Stereo input” virtual microphone. We need two screenshots to see all of the active devices expanded.

ASIO4ALL configured for Intel SST & Realtek devices

High Definition Audio device

This one is simple, since there’s only one choice for each of input and output.

ASIO4ALL configured for HD Audio device

Conexant ISST

Conexant’s “Stereo mix” is similar to Realtek “Stereo input”.

Conexant ISST Audio


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