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Command Line Options

While the most common functions in Jamulus can be set using the GUI, Jamulus can also be controlled using these options on the command line. Exactly how you do this will depend on your operating system.

For example, on Windows to enable recording with the -R option: right-click on the Jamulus shortcut and choose “Properties” > Target. Add the necessary arguments to Jamulus.exe:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Jamulus\Jamulus.exe" -s -R "C:\path\to\your\Jam Recordings"

For macOS, start a Terminal window and run Jamulus with the desired options like this:

/Applications/Jamulus.app/Contents/MacOS/Jamulus -s -R "/path/to/your/jam recordings"

You can see all possible options your version supports by starting Jamulus with the -h option.

ShortLong name[...] means optional parameter 
-c--connectConnect to given server address on startup, format address[:port](client only)
-d--discononquitDisconnect all clients on quit(server only)
-e--centralserverMakes the server public and sets its genre. See also -o(server only) See list.
-f--listfilterWhitelist servers registering on the server list, format ip address 1[;ip address 2](central server only) See note.
-F--fastupdate64 samples frame size mode. Reduces latency if clients connect with “Enable Small Network Buffers” option. Requires faster CPU to avoid dropouts, and more bandwidth to enabled clients.(server only)
-h,-?--helpThis help text(client and server)
-i--inifileSet location of initialization file (overrides default)(client (always) and server (with GUI))
-j--nojackconnectDisable auto JACK connections(client only)
-l--logEnable logging, set path and file name(server only)
-m--htmlstatusEnable HTML status file, set path and file name(server only)
-M--mutestreamStarts Jamulus in muted state(client only)
-n--noguiDisable GUI(client and server)
-o--serverinfoServer location details in the format:
[name];[city];[locale value] (see values)
(public servers only)
-p--portLocal UDP port number. Default is 22124(server only)
-R--recordingInclude a writeable path where the files should be stored (in quotes if needed).(server only) See description in Server Setup.
 --norecordStart recorder with recording disabled(server only)
-s--serverStart in server mode(server only) See note
-t--notranslationDisable translations(client and server)
-T--multithreadingEnable multithreading(server only)
-u--numchannelsMaximum number of users. Default is 10, maximum is 150(server only)
-w--welcomemessageSupports HTML and inline CSS formatting (in enclosing quotes), or set path to text file.(server only)
-z--startminimizedStart minimized(server only)
 --ctrlmidichMIDI controller channel to listen on, control number offset and consecutive CC numbers (channels). Format: channel[;f<off>*<channels>][;p<off>*<channels>][;s<off>*<channels>][;m<off>*<channels>](client only) see Tips & Tricks
 --clientnameWindow title and JACK client name(client only)
 --serverpublicipSupply the server’s public IP address(server only) See note

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