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Command Line Options

Shared commands

  • -h or --help Display help text
  • -i or --inifile Set location of initialization file (overrides default. On macOS simply provide a filename only, since config files can only be read from /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/io.jamulus.Jamulus/Data/. For the server replace io.jamulus.Jamulus with io.jamulus.JamulusServer. Turn on “Show Library folder” in “Show view options” in Finder to see this folder.)
  • -n or --nogui Disable GUI (for use in headless mode)
  • -p or --port Sets the local UDP port number. Default is 22124
  • --jsonrpcport Enables JSON-RPC API server to control the app, set TCP port number (EXPERIMENTAL, APIs might change; only accessible from localhost). Please see the JSON-RPC API Documentation file.
  • --jsonrpcsecretfile Required when using --jsonrpcport. Sets a path to a text file containing an authentication string for getting access to the JSON-RPC API.
  • --jsonrpcbindip The IP address the JSON-RPC server should bind to. (optional, defaults to
  • -Q or --qos Sets the quality of service DS Field byte. Default is 128 (DSCP/CS4). QoS is ignored by Windows. To enable it, see this page
  • -t or --notranslation Disable UI language translations
  • -6 or --enableipv6 Enable IPv6 addressing (IPv4 is always enabled)
  • -v or --version Output version information and exit

Client only commands

  • -M or --mutestream Prevent others on a server from hearing what I play
  • --mutemyown Prevent me from hearing what I play in the server mix (headless only)
  • -c or --connect Connect to given server address on startup, format address[:port]
  • -j or --nojackconnect Disable auto JACK connections
  • --ctrlmidich MIDI controller channel to listen on, control number offset and consecutive CC numbers (channels) and Mute Myself CC number. Format: channel[;f*][;p*][;s*][;m*][;o] See Tips & Tricks
  • --clientname Window title and JACK client name

Server only commands

See Running a Server