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Jamulus with Video

18 Apr 2021 von ann0see

Jamulus does not support video natively. However, it is possible to use a video conferencing tool like Jitsi or Zoom to have out of sync video.


Audio devices for Jamulus

05 Jan 2021

You can of course use Jamulus with your computer’s built-in sound card or microphone.

However, most people use external devices like USB microphones or audio interfaces. These usually perform much better than “stock” hardware in terms of audio quality, latency and time needed to set them up. Most are quite inexpensive and are “plug and play”.


Using Multiple Audio Interfaces

24 Nov 2020

It is possible to run Jamulus with multiple Audio Interfaces on all three operating systems. Useful when we need to output an instrument through external audio card for minimal latency and computer microphone for communication. Other use cases may apply.