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KB Overview

Translating .po files

04 Aug 2022 von ignotus

This is a guide on how to use two freely available editors to translate .po files for the Jamulus project:

  • OmegaT (cross-platform): the most complete and advanced, but also somewhat more complex.
  • Poedit (cross-platform): Intuitive to use, though a couple of things need to be configured before starting to translate with it for the first time.

Control the Jamulus Mixerboard using MIDI

01 Feb 2022 von Henk De Groot

This guide explains how to setup your system in order to control the Jamulus Mixerboard using a MIDI Control Surface device (or similar) using JACK. In this article Windows is used as an example, however it will be possible to perform this on other platforms as well. For Linux, the process will be very similar as this platform also uses JACK. You will need to install an extra component (like a2jmidid) to allow the midi device to connect to JACK. For macOS you can use MIDI Studio to ensure the midi connection is linked properly to Jamulus.


Get computer audio into Jamulus

26 Jan 2022 von ann0see

This guide explains how to play a mp3 file, YouTube video, MuseScore file or any system audio into Jamulus. We’re using JACK for Windows however, it is also possible to use different software like VoiceMeeter Banana, ASIO LinkPro or similar. I assume you already know how to install software or know someone who helps you with that.