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Other projects related to Jamulus

von Tony Mountifield ()

This document lists a number of third-party projects related to Jamulus, which users may find interesting. Certainly it is not an official list of officially supported projects.


jamulus-php implements a simplified Jamulus client in a PHP web server, which knows enough Jamulus protocol to fetch the list of registered servers from a directory, and a list of active clients from each registered server. It returns the results in JSON for display by a front end, such as Jamulus Explorer or Jamulus Live.


jamulus-web implments the front end used by the Jamulus Explorer web site, which allows a web browser to be used to view the public server directories and the servers that are registered to them.


jamulus-wireshark is a protocol dissector plugin for Wireshark, to enable Wireshark to understand the structure of the Jamulus protocol and display it in a user-friendly way. It is implemented in LUA.


jamulus-historytool comprises two scripts:

  • A PHP script to parse the Jamulus log file and emit it as a JSON response
  • A JS script to parse the JSON response and emit an SVG DOM node

This replaces the History Graph that used to be part of the Jamulus server itself.


jamulus-jamexporter comprises two scripts:

  • A bash script to monitor the Jamulus recording base directory for new recordings
  • A bash script to apply some judicious rules and compression before uploading the recordings offsite


jamulus-docker is an implementation of Jamulus within a Docker container. It provides a Dockerfile and some documentation.


jamulus-server-remote provides a lightweight web front-end for a headless Jamulus server running on Linux. It allows a user to start and stop recordings, and to zip them up and download them via a web browser. It is implemented in PHP.

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